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<What is Loreo?>

Loreo主要是生產立體相機及其他光學設備的公司, Loreo Lens 'n a Cap同Lubot 10x Loupe係佢地最近的主打產品.


<What is Loreo Lens 'n a Cap?>

Lens 'n a Cap是一種全新概念的單鏡反光相機的機身蓋. 它最大的賣點是可當作為定焦(約為35mm f/5.6-f/64)"超焦距"鏡頭, 今你的單鏡反光機變身成Point-and-Shoot的snap-shot相機. 當光圈調節至f64就當成pocket pin-hole camera!!
鏡頭絕對可靠, 不會因為惡劣環境而"jam"鏡, 因為其實只是一舊膠及少少玻璃. 最正的是, 它體形極slim,完全不佔位置!


<What is Lubot 10x Loupe?>

Lubot 10x Loupe是小巧distortion-free及可調教近視度的10x Loupe. 除可當一般的Loupe, Loreo還聲稱可與Len in a Cap適合當作成Ultra-Macro鏡.

但當與Len in a Cap適合當作成Ultra-Macro鏡時, 其對焦距離超短及光圈超細.



lens in a cap
3-element fixed focus lens
Slim and Featherweight
Turns any SLR into Point-and-Shoot
Focal length 35 mm, Aperture f/5.6 - f/64
Takes macro photographs at 50 cm
Pre-focused from 50cm to infinity at f/64

Loreo Lubot
Magnification: 10x Distortion Free
Lens system: 3-element achromatic Aspherical lens design
Field of view: 30mm nominal (up to 50mm by "looking around")
Eye Piece Diameter: 20mm
Eye Relief: 15mm
Working Distance: 17mm
Diopter Adjustment: +1.5 to -2
Built-in retractable
Reticules: millimeters and inches
Overall Height: 43mm

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